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Text Box: Roses
Bridal Pink - Bright pink rose.
Candia - Creamy white with dark pink edges to the petals.
Champaign - A creamy, antique ivory colored rose.
Darling - A creamy peach rose.
Delores - A soft pink rose.
Jacaranda - A hot pink rose.
Lady Diana - A pale peach rose.
Jacqueline Kennedy - A rather small true red rose.
Madame Delbard - A rich velvety red French rose.
Sterling Silver - A small lavender rose.
Sonia - A bright peach rose.
Catlaya - Usually white with shades of pink or lavender in the center of each petal. These are larger than other orchids.
Cymbidium - Smaller than Japhet orchids with a curly edge only at the center.
Dendrobium - Miniature orchids that come in sprays.
Japhet - Large orchids with a curly edge all over. They often have yellow throats.
Phalaenopsis - Round-edged orchids that are white with reddish throats.
Spray Orchids - Long spikes covered with tiny orchid-like flowers. These are very expensive and are available in winter.

Calla - Very large, long white flowers on thick stalks.
Day Lilies - Usually in shades of cream, orange, red, and yellow with a variety of stem lengths.
Lily of the Valley - Small white blooms that look like tiny bells.
Rubrim - Star flowers that come in a variety of colors.
Zephyr Lily - Smaller than most lilies. It is available in white, yellow and shades of pink.

Alstroemeria Lilies - Miniature lilies that come in a variety of colors.
Amaryllis - Available in deep red and white. Shaped similar to a lily with a long stem.
Anemones - Shaped similar to poppies and available in white, blue, red violet, and yellow.
Anthuriums - A true red flower with a heart-shaped bloom and a large stamen.
Asters - Usually available in white, pink, rose and purple.
Baby's Breath - Fine, delicate, tiny flowers that are usually white.
Bachelor Buttons - These look like tiny carnations and are available in white, pink, red or blue.
Canterbury Bells - Shaped like little bells and are usually blue, purple or pink.
Carnations - This commonly known flower is usually inexpensive, comes in a variety of colors and is available year round.
Chrysanthemums - Available in white, yellow, and red. They come in many shapes and sizes.
Daffodils - A pretty and common flower that is available in many colors.
Daisy - A popular flower that is similar to but smaller than a chrysanthemum. It is usually white or yellow with a yellow center.
Delphinium - Long spikes of flowers with lacy foliage. Usually available in white, rose, lavender or blue.
Forget-me-not - A very pretty dainty blue flower with a yellow or white center.
Freesia - A small delicate flower that comes in white, yellow, pink, orange, lavender and red.
Gardenia - A pretty white flower with dark green leaves.
Gerbera Daisies - Giant versions of common daisies that come in a variety of colors.
Gladiolus - Long stalked flowers covered in bright blooms ranging in color from white to red.
Iris - Long stalks that have large petals, two of which drop down a little. Available in white, blue, violet, yellow and orange.
Lilac - Stalks with many tiny white or lavender flowers.
Ranunculus - A rose look-a-like but much less expensive. It comes in reds, pinks and yellows.
Stattice - Bunches of tiny white or purple blossoms.
Stephanotis - Small, white trumpet-shaped flowers which grow on vines.
Straw Flowers - Straw-like petals that are shaped like daisies. Available in white, yellow, orange or red.
Violets - Tiny flowers that are available in white, blue and purple.

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